Anna Calvi

I kategorin ”musik jag gillar ~normalt mycket (och inte lyssnat på repeat 50 gånger den senaste timmen)”:

Suzanne and I

Wolf Like Me

”I love the desperation in this song – the original by TV On The Radio is relentless, and terrifying. I find the idea of losing control of oneself very provocative, and the way this idea is explored in Wolf like Me (the protagonist is turning into a werewolf) is humorous but dangerously effective. In my version I wanted to imagine the change is almost happening in slow motion- that there is no fight anymore, but a dreamlike embrace of the inevitable. I wanted the song to feel like a hypnotic prayer. I chose to omit the last verse of the original, and instead allow the guitar to take over, at the point where all control is lost!” — Anna Calvi

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  1. Tack för musiktipset. Jag gillar TV on the radio, så nu måste jag kolla upp Anna Calvo också.


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